Affordable Bath Remodel: Top 5 Easy Ways to Upgrade

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Are you considering a bathroom remodel but are worried about the cost? Don’t worry—you can still get a beautiful, upgraded bathroom by following some of the expert contractors at Carolina Custom Tub and Shower’s simple tips. In this post, we will discuss the top five reasons to remodel your bathroom, as well as five easy ways to upgrade your current bathroom on a budget. So, whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or just want to make a few small changes, read on for some affordable bath remodel ideas!

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

While at first it might seem like a gratuitous expense to remodel your bathroom, there are actually several reasons why responsible homeowners should consider it. Here are the top five reasons to remodel your bathroom:

  1. Increase home value: One of the main reasons to remodel your bathroom is for increased home value. A well-designed and executed bathroom remodel can increase the resale value of your home, giving you a great return on investment. Even if you’re not planning on selling any time soon, a bathroom remodel can still add value to your home by making it more enjoyable and functional for you and your family—as well as more palatable to potential future buyers!
  2. Improve functionality: Let’s face it—some of us have been living with the same dated, crusty bathroom fixtures that came with the house when it was originally built. If you’re still living with toilets and tiled interiors from the 1950s, you are overdue for an upgrade! You would be amazed at the difference an updated showerhead can make, for example—or a more modern toilet! The easier your bathroom design makes self-care and hygiene, the better life is for you.
  3. Increase sense of style and interior décor: There’s nothing to say you have to design the interior of your home all in one go. If you only have the budget for a bathroom remodel, this can be a great way to add intentionality to your home and add personalized touches that add character to your house. Beautiful spaces can inspire us and uplift our mood—and in a room as frequently occupied as a bathroom, updating décor can make a world of difference!
  4. Eliminate potential hazards or poorly constructed areas: You’ll never know what you’ll find beneath those old tile floors—whether it’s water damage or poorly executed plumbing. This is part of increasing the value on your home by getting the job done right—but it can also prevent potentially costly and devastating damage from happening that you wouldn’t have otherwise known was a possibility. An example of this is water damage from incorrectly sealed shower tiles.
  5. Make home more inviting to guests: The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home—and chances are, if you invite a guest or two over, they are likely to wind up in it at some point. Why not make your restroom a breath of fresh air rather than just a place to use the toilet? You can make an impression on your guests and maybe even inspire them to undertake their own bathroom remodel plans!

Why You Should Go Through a Contractor for a Full Bath Remodel

As enticing as it can be to think we will learn as we go with a DIY bathroom remodel project, it’s hard to beat the experience of those who’ve been working in the field a long time, like at Carolina Custom Tub and Shower. A contractor will be able to get your bath remodel done quickly, within your budget, and do it right the first time without the need to backtrack or correct missteps along the way. This will definitely save you time and hassle, but may actually end up saving you money on materials as well. For more information on why you should chose a contractor for your affordable bath remodel rather than trying to do it yourself, check out our recent article on the topic!

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Top 5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

You don’t have to complete a full-scale bathroom remodel, complete with a total gutting of appliances, flooring, and fixtures, in order to transform your bathroom. In fact, there are several budget-friendly ways to execute an affordable bath remodel with a contractor willing to work within your budget. Here are the top five easy ways to upgrade your bathroom so it looks and feels new, without a complete overhaul:

  1. Convert the tub to a shower or vice versa: One simple way you can dramatically alter the look and feel of your bathroom is by converting your tub to a shower or vice versa. For the cost, this can radically affect your bathroom’s appearance, functionality, and even safety—and some contractors like Carolina Custom Tub and Shower can even get it done within a few days, so your bathroom is not out of commission any longer than necessary!
  2. Update the toilet and sink: Outdated toilets and sinks can not only be a visual eyesore, but can be inefficient as well. By updating your toilet and sink, you not only beautify your space, but you are also likely to end up with increased functionality and efficiency, likely leading to a lower water bill!
  3. Upgrade the vanity, countertops, and cabinets: For this type of undertaking, it’s best to set a budget and work with a  contractor you trust to select the right materials for the job. Changing up the vanity, cabinets, countertops, and even mirrors can go a long way towards making a bathroom feel new and inviting again!
  4. Redo flooring: This is an excellent opportunity to look for any unlevel tiling, leaks, or other issues! By added fresh flooring to your bathroom, you are ensuring everything is done correctly without the potential for damage or shoddy workmanship all while adding value to your house. Brand new floors will transform your bathroom for an affordable bath remodel!
  5. Add new tile and a fresh coat of paint: This super budget-friendly way to update your bathroom is an easy way to transform the space and keep it feeling tidy and clean. Depending on the tile and paint you decide to go with, this type of affordable bath remodel can usually be done for under $3,000!

Affordable Bath Remodel with Carolina Custom Tub and Shower

If it’s time to upgrade your current bathroom situation, you don’t have to go with an all-out bathroom remodel and gut the room down to its studs. In fact, there are many ways to go about an affordable bath remodel! By adhering to a strict budget plan and utilizing the experts at Carolina Custom Tub and Shower, you can choose fixtures, materials, and faucets that not only transform your bathroom but add value to your home.

 Looking to start the conversation about how to upgrade your bathroom today? Contact the bath remodel contractors at Carolina Custom Tub and Shower now for an estimate!

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