Tub Surround, Hickory, North Carolina

Tub Surround Installation, Hickory, NC

It’s not uncommon to discover, after installing a brand-new bathtub or even just giving an old one a facelift, that the area just doesn’t feel complete. In addition, there appears to be a lot of room around the bathtub itself and the walls. Relax; this issue can be remedied with the installation of a bathtub surround, which will serve to anchor your tub, safeguard your bathroom against flooding and water damage, and round out your bathroom’s aesthetic. The term “bathtub surround” refers to the tiles or walls that surround the outside of your tub. The surround serves as a structural buffer between the walls and the tub, preventing damage from water buildup from frequent showering or bathing. Since it is impermeable, you might think of it as a vertical bathtub for your walls. If your surround is composed of regular drywall, you may want to think about replacing it with a new, non-porous surround to avoid potential structural damage.

Surrounds, like bathtubs, are often made with non-porous materials to prevent any damage to the surrounding area from the water. Acrylic, cultured marble, composite stone, fiberglass, and solid surface are all popular choices for surrounds. Expense, adaptability, and durability should all be taken into account as you decide on the best material for your needs.

The least expensive materials to work with are tile and acrylic because of their versatility and ease of modification. Since these are typically merely acrylic sheets bonded to your water-resistant drywall, their extra flexibility makes them among the least long-lasting materials (lasting just around 10 years) and the most easily damaged (being very easy to chip and damage). To a comparable extent, any size bathroom can be tiled, provided that enough tiles of the appropriate size are purchased. The surrounds may be strengthened with fiberglass for an extra $300, which is well worth it given how much longer they will last and how much less wear and tear they will show.

The next step up from acrylic and tile is fiberglass, composite materials, and cultured marble, all of which will provide you with a surround that is far more durable (20 years). In addition to being inexpensive (often costing between $500 and $700.00), this style of the surround is simple to set up and drill for.

Finally, we have solid surface materials, which are, quality-wise, superior to anything else. Among available materials, solid surface surrounds boast the strongest scratch and chip resistance and longest lifespan (30 years or more). If this material is scratched, it can be easily repaired with a buffer or polish because it is rather soft. These frames have a more realistic tile and texture pattern, giving them an appearance that is closer to the appearance of nature. There are two primary downsides to this form of surround in terms of good quality: cost and adaptability. Due to its excellent durability, this material is more difficult to cut and drill when it is necessary to make alterations or additions to the surround. This surround type is between $800 and $1,200, which is four times as much as the least expensive alternative.

Professional Tub Surround Installation, Hickory, North Carolina

In Hickory, North Carolina, Carolina Custom Tub and Shower offer professional installation services, with the latter option costing significantly more. Price ranges for shower sets typically range from $300 to $1,000. The labor of a professional can run you between $700 and $1,000, excluding the price of materials, depending on the rate of pay you negotiate. If you don’t know what you’re doing and have never installed a tub kit surround before, you can still benefit from their expertise. If anything doesn’t quite fit, or if you want some custom work done to the surround but aren’t sure how to go about it, they can help with them, too. Since many prefabricated walls are left empty, the professional might install shelves inside the tub or shower to make it more comfortable to use. Contact us today for your Tub Surround installation, leave the big jobs to the professionals at Carolina Custom Tub and Shower in Hickory, North Carolina.