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When it comes to shower door specialties and designs, there are many different options to choose from. You’ll want to consider the style of your bathroom, as well as what features you need in a shower door. For example, do you need a watertight seal to prevent leaks? Is privacy important to you? Is the shower door easy to clean? In this article, we will discuss the top five things to consider when looking at modern shower door designs and how to choose the best shower door for your bathroom We hope that this information helps make your decision easier!

What to Look for When Choosing a Shower Door

If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom and upgrading your shower, there’s quite a bit to consider in terms of materials and design. From functionality to aesthetics, chances are your shower door will be front and center in your bathroom and can easily become the focal point of the space. This is why many renovators take time to make sure they select from shower door specialties that are right for their homes. Here are the top five things to consider when it comes to selecting a shower door for your bathroom remodel:

Watertight Seal

Nobody likes adding a step of mopping up excess water on the floor outside the shower after every use. As such, it’s important to consider a shower door that effectively seals at points of potential leakage, such as the bottom of the door, the sides, or the hinges. While you will want to consider special watertight designs, you’ll also want to consider the practicality of these models as well—are they affordable? Will they be easy to clean? Can they be replaced on a budget? Etc.

What’s Better: Pivot or Sliding Shower Doors?

Of course, if it’s your dream to have a pivoting shower door, whether for the functional aspect, aesthetic allure, or some other reason, it’s important to consider that sliding doors will save a home renovator a bit of cash when it comes to materials and installation. Sliding doors also tend to be safer in terms of having a tight water seal, as pivot doors can allow water outside of the shower when entering or exiting, and this can pose a slipping hazard. Another benefit of sliding doors is that you can decide to enter your shower from two possible entry points, rather than just one. Sliding doors also take up less space outside the square footage of the shower, as they do not have a pivoting door.

However, there are some advantages to the pivot door over a sliding shower door, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Sliding doors rely on a metal track to operate, which can easily hold stagnant water, mildew, rust, soap scum, dirt and mineral deposits, and other unwanted materials. It is also somewhat tricky to get these tracks completely clean. Pivoting doors can also be beneficial for smaller showers, as they allow for a larger entry into a smaller space. Generally speaking, pivoting doors also require less maintenance and are simpler to replace than sliding doors.

Sizeable, Safe, and Comfortable Entry

Thousands of injuries occur in the United States each year simply getting into or out of a bath or shower. While this is especially dangerous for seniors and children, it can affect people of all ages. Choosing the right shower door for your bathroom must factor in price, value, and aesthetics, but a renovator should also think about safety as well. Shower door specialties with sizeable, walk-in entryways are generally considered safer and lower risk than stepping into a bathtub, or a combination shower and tub. If you’re interested in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, consider looking into a shower door with a wide entry that goes all the way down to the floor.  

Convex Glass Design for Maximum Space

We’ve come a long way with shower door design in the last few hundred years. In fact, we’ve even designed specialty curved shower doors to maximize space and mobility for the shower user and minimize elbow bumping and other unwanted contact with the shower. Choosing a convex shower door is a simple way to provide the sensation of a little extra room in your shower without eating up too much of your bathroom’s floor plan.

Ease of Maintenance

And finally, you’ve got to consider how easy your shower door is to maintain! Is it coated with any type of protective barrier to prevent buildup or mildew? Are the parts easy and economical to replace should it become damaged? Is the material durable and easy to clean? Etc. This is one reason why glass doors are enormously popular, as they are considered one of the easiest types of shower doors to clean and maintain. Additionally, a high-quality glass shower door will add not only functionality and aesthetic appeal to your newly remodeled bathroom but will also add value to your home in the event that you ever decide to sell it!

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What’s the Best Type of Shower Door?

Of course, when it comes to choosing a shower door for your upcoming bathroom remodel, the best solution is going to be one that fits within your budget, your functional desires, your aesthetic, and also your safety standards. Shower doors that begin at the floor rather than at the top of a tub are generally considered safer to enter and exit—especially for adults who are getting on in years or for children. Also, it’s important to consider that a pivoting shower door may allow excess water to escape and cause a potential slipping hazard upon exiting the shower—and at the very least may require regular water cleanup.

Generally speaking, tempered glass shower doors add practicality and value to your home and come in an array of different aesthetics—from clear to tinted, hammered, opaque, and more. Not only this, but they can sometimes be treated with a special coating to make regular cleanup and maintenance even simpler for the homeowner.

Shower Remodel with Carolina Custom Tub and Shower

If you’re interested in shower door specialties for your upcoming bathroom renovation, you’ll likely want to consider each aspect of your design carefully. From budgeting and safety concerns to your desired look or “feel,” adding the right shower door to your bathroom remodel can bring charm, functionality, and even resale value to your home. When it comes to choosing the right shower door for your home, there can be a lot to think about. If you want to learn more about different shower door specialties from bathroom renovation experts like Carolina Custom Tub and Shower, contact us today for a quote, or click here to check out our views on choosing the right shower door for your project!