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Quality ABS Tub Liners in North Carolina  

Not all ABS, or acrylic, tub liners are created equal, and Carolina Custom Tub & Shower is here to help you get the best one for your Western North Carolina area home. Although ABS liners are a great product, some brands are better than others, and a proper installation makes all the difference. Our entire Valley team has helped many homeowners get a brand new look in our 39 years in business. We work quickly and efficiently and our ABS tub liners are all of good quality.

ABS Tub Liners for Western North Carolina Bathrooms

When you go with an ABS tub liner you’re choosing a no-fuss product that requires less maintenance and upkeep than the tile/grout combination. Liners have fewer places for mold and mildew to take hold, they are super easy to keep clean and they provide a sleek, simple look. Your family may be a good candidate for an ABS tub liner if:

  • You have a busy household and little time for constant cleaning
  • You want a budget solution that still looks good
  • You are hoping for minimal downtime for the remodel
  • Tile is not appealing to you and you prefer a simple solution

In the Western North Carolina area, people choose to upgrade to bathtub liners for all kinds of different reasons. Carolina Custom Tub & Shower has been installing ABS tub liners in Western North Carolina since we were founded in 2020.

North Carolina’s Spot for ABS Tub Liners

If you’re curious about ABS tub liners in Western North Carolina and would like to learn more about them, please reach out to our local staff. Carolina Custom Tub & Shower is always happy to answer your questions and help you understand if this type of product might be a good fit for your needs. Contact us by calling (828) 405-3945 today!

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